Physiotherapists urge province to expand services to people on social assistance

Two physiotherapists who spent four months on a pilot project are urging the province to expand services to people on social assistance.

Pair spent four months on pilot project at Saskatoon's Lighthouse Support Living

Ryan Fehr and Maegan Marshall spent four months on a pilot project at the Lighthouse. (Rosalie Woloski/CBC)

Two Saskatoon physiotherapists are challenging the province to expand medical services.

Ryan Fehr and Maegan Marshall are with CBI Physical and Rehabilitation Services. They spent their Fridays for the past four months on a pilot project at The Lighthouse Supported Living facility.

They suggest that including physiotherapy in medical services covered for people on social assistance could have a tremendous impact in the lives of people.

"One example is an individual with severely decreased mobility in their upper arm, or in their arm, after a fracture, and helping them regain their function early on," Fehr said in an interview on Saskatoon Morning.

"Financial barriers and transport barriers prevents them from getting these sorts of services and education. It's really important that they have access to that."

Marshall said there are savings to be had for the health care system.

Helping people deal with injuries could reduce long-term drug costs.


  • An earlier version of this story misidentified Maegan Marshall.
    Aug 10, 2015 4:16 PM CT


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