Paranormal team investigates Saskatoon's Park Town Hotel

The Other Side documentary series films final episode of season 2 at the reportedly haunted landmark.

Crew believes 12 to 13 ghosts reside at famous landmark

A paranormal investigator suits up for work. (CBC News)

The Park Town Hotel in Saskatoon is the scene of a paranormal investigation tonight.

Cast and crew of documentary series The Other Side are looking into numerous reports, spanning decades, of haunting at the hotel.

The cast of ghost hunters is comprised of a researcher and pseudo skeptic from the Mistawasis First Nation, Priscilla Wolf, a First Nation elder and spirit guide from LaRonge, Tom Charles, a paranormal investigator, Bill Connelly and an "intuitive" who facilitates the group's communication with the spirit world, Jeff Richards.  

Richards says they are spending time in areas where others have reported unusual activity in the past.

"If other people have had experiences, that's the prime location for us to either capture evidence, or for me to be able to facilitate some sort of communication with the spirits that are there," Richards explained.

The team is using this piano as a 'trigger' -an object they hope will spark an encounter- in their investigation. (Madeline Kotzer/CBC News)

Over the years, people have reported the spirit of a little girl playing the piano in the hotel and an old man who haunts the pool area.

Richards spoke with media on Thursday afternoon in the hotel's Cedar Room in the basement. The room, which often hosts comedy shows, is the source of many people's reported encounters with spirits.

Charles, who Richards consults for spiritual guidance, says most spirits are good but some are not.

Richards can attest to that. He told reporters that he was attacked by an unseen force while the show was investigating a location in Regina, earlier in October. Richards explained that the encounter left him with large scratch marks on his back.

When asked if he ever got scared, he said yes.

Jeff Richards calls himself an intuitive. He facilitates communication with the spirit world. (CBC News)

"Sometimes I feel like at night, when I tuck my little guys into bed, I feel like sometimes when I tell them that there is nothing to be afraid of in the dark if they're scared," Richards said. "I feel like I am lying to them, in essence. There is a little bit of a fear element that should exist there because these things are very real and they are dangerous."

The investigation at the Park Town Hotel concludes The Other Side's second season.