Online shopping leads to stolen car

A Saskatoon-area woman says she hasn't been paid for a car she sold over the internet.

Woman hasn't received any money after allowing man to take vehicle without paying

 A bizarre story involving online shopping and a stolen car is unfolding in the city of Warman, around 25 kilometres north of Saskatoon.

In March, a woman named Hannah Hannah listed her 1993 Pontiac Bonneville on a popular internet classifieds site.

She was contacted by a man who wanted to buy her car, but he first wanted to take it to a friend's garage to get it appraised.

Soon afterwards, the man called back, saying the car had been in an accident, and needed to be written off.

But a few days later, she saw the man driving the car in Saskatoon, without a scratch.

"I was shaking, I was so furious. Like without saying anything, all three of my children knew something was up," she said.

For the next several weeks, Hannah tried to get her car back. Despite numerous calls, that didn't happen.

"I'm very disappointed. I feel very violated. I'm quite upset, only because it's damaged my opinion of honesty nowadays," she said.

Hannah eventually called the police, who are investigating. When asked for some tips to avoid similar situations, police advise using common sense.

"Maybe don't turn it over until you've got some money from the other person, maybe get a deposit before you let someone take a drive with it," said RCMP Cpl. Rob King.

Hannah says she was visited by police this week, and hopes to get her car back soon.