Nightclub owner Skipp Anderson guilty of sexual assault

Saskatoon nightclub owner Skipp Anderson is guilty of sexual assault.

Jury reaches verdict after seven hours

Skipp Anderson is guilty of sexual assault. (CBC)

Saskatoon nightclub owner Skipp Anderson is guilty of sexual assault in a verdict the prosecutor says sends a powerful message to anyone who has ever experienced sexual violence.

"Society is being more and more receptive to the voices of people who have experienced sexual violence, and I think that this is reflected in this decision," Tamara Rock said outside court.

"I'm hopeful that his experience will allow other people who have experienced sexual violence to come forward."

It took the jury of seven men and five women just under seven hours to reach their unanimous verdict. Their deliberations followed on the heels of four days of testimony and cross-examination of witnesses.

Defence lawyer Brad Mitchell said that he's not sure whether the verdict will be appealed. For the moment, he said Anderson is still trying to process the outcome.

"He's clearly very disappointed with the verdict, in shock, and trying to digest what just happened," Mitchell said. 

The assault happened in Anderson's home on July 11, 2016.

The victim had passed out after drinking heavily at a hot tub party. He was taken to a spare room to sleep it off. He awoke in the middle of the night to find Anderson sexually assaulting him.

Anderson said the man had initiated the sexual activity and consented during it.

But the victim said he was in no position to consent.

The lawyers will be back in court Friday morning to set dates for sentencing submissions. Rock said the sentencing range for major sexual assaults begins at three years.