Nia Eastman's father had court order to avoid contact with girl's mother

Court documents obtained by CBC News show Nia Eastman's father was not allowed to be near or enter her mother's home.

Adam Jay Eastman was charged with allegedly assaulting Crystal Eastman in August

People gather outside the Choiceland, Sask., home where Nia Eastman's body was found Thursday. (Devin Heroux/CBC)

Court documents obtained by CBC News show Nia Eastman's father was not allowed to be near or to enter the mother's home.

When Adam Jay Eastman, Nia's father, was charged with allegedly assaulting Crystal Eastman, Nia's mother, on Aug. 23, a number of conditions were placed on him, including:

  • Not initiating any communication or contact directly or indirectly with Crystal.
  • Keeping the peace and being on good behaviour.
  • Not being near or entering the premises known as Crystal's residence in Choiceland, Sask.

An Amber Alert was issued for Nia, 7, last Thursday after her father failed to return her to Crystal's custody the night before.

Adam, suspected of abducting Nia, was found dead from self-inflicted injuries around 5:30 a.m. CST on Nov. 10 in a rural area near Smeaton, Sask., about 20 kilometres away from Choiceland. Hours later, Nia's body was discovered in a home that Adam had been renting in Choiceland.

RCMP said Thursday that seven-year-old Nia Eastman was found dead in a home in Choiceland, Sask., about 20 kilometres from a rural area near Smeaton, Sask., where Adam Eastman, her father, was found dead of self-inflicted injuries. (CBC)

Shortly after the Amber Alert had been called off by RCMP last Thursday afternoon a visibly shaken RCMP inspector gave the grim news.

RCMP confirms Nia Eastman found dead

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RCMP confirms Nia Eastman found dead

"This was not the outcome all of us were hoping for and our thoughts are with the family and communities," Insp. Jennifer Ebert said at the Mounties' Saskatchewan division headquarters in Regina.

"All of us were hoping and praying Nia would be located safely. This is the goal we have every time we ask the public and media for their help during an Amber Alert. This is a difficult day."

It is expected the RCMP will be providing an update on the case Tuesday morning.

Sask. town grieves 'sweet little girl'

In a small town where everyone knows each other, residents recalled Nia as a sweet little girl.

She would accompany her mother to bingo nights, Don Patton said, and would often bring along stickers, giving them out to the people there.

"You couldn't wish for a nicer little girl," he said.

Nia Eastman, 7, is being described as 'sweet little girl' by many living in Choiceland, Sask. (Nipawin RCMP)

"She was a sweetheart," said Jason Gudmundson. "You could be having the worst day possible and she would just look up at you and smile and everything was better."

On Friday, standing outside of the home where Nia's body was found, Gudmundson said he felt numb.

Stuffed animals, balloons, candles and flowers have been placed outside the home as a memorial. Rocks and stones have been left there as well; Gudmundson said the girl loved to pick up rocks and give them to others.

Gudmundson said people in the town are stepping up to offer support to Nia's mother, including through a Go Fund Me page that has been set up to help cover funeral costs. The page has raised more than $26,000 as of Monday afternoon.