Meewasin wants to set world record for longest chalk art in Saskatoon

The organization expects the world record attempt will require 18,000 pieces of chalk and roughly 5,000 people.

MVA wants to take record away from city in Colorado

Amy Wall, the manager of marketing and fund development with the Meewasin Valley Authority, holds up chalk outside of the MVA offices on July 18, 2019. (Morgan Modjeski/CBC)

The Meewasin Valley Authority (MVA) is hoping to leave its mark on the record books and it's hoping to do so in chalk.

At the end of August, the MVA will be inviting residents from across Saskatchewan to come and help break the record for the largest chalk mural in the world.

"We wanted to find something fun and for the community to do, as Meewasin is really all about creating public access to the river and to green spaces," said Amy Wall, manager of marketing and fund development.
"We wanted to do something to celebrate that families could all be involved in and that everybody can take part of." 

40th anniversary festivities

The chalk mural is one of several events marking the MVA's 40th Anniversary of the organization, which aims to protect the South Saskatchewan River valley while educating residents about the importance of river conservation.

Greeley Colo. is the current record holder listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, as in 2015, the city produced a chalk mural 5.7 kilometres in length, with the continuous piece of art covering the majority of a massive parking lot.

Wall said the MVA hopes to beat that record, producing a two-metre wide mural themed around the Meewasin Valley, covering a six kilometre span of the MVA trail.

Holding open a case of sidewalk chalk, Amy Wall, with the Meewasin Valley Authority says an upcoming record attempt for the largest chalk mural in the world is just one event marking the MVA's 40th anniversary in 2019. (Morgan Modjeski/CBC)

Based on tests done by MVA staff, Wall estimates they'll need roughly 18,000 pieces of chalk and about 5,000 volunteers in order to break the record. 

"It's all about bringing the community and the greater region of Saskatoon and area together," she said.

Under the Meewasin Valley theme, Wall said participants can draw some of the animals, scenery, landmarks that exist within the river valley, but said they must stick to the theme, as the image needs to be "one discernable picture" for the record to count.

She explained while the event is set to take place on Aug. 31 and will run in partnership with the Nutrien Fireworks Festival. And while the record will be held by Saskatoon, Wall said people from across Canada are welcome to join in the effort. 

"This is absolutely an opportunity for people to visit one of the most pristine river valleys in an urban setting in Canada, so we are inviting anybody to come and participate," she said.

Those looking for more information on the event are encouraged to check out the MVA's website. 


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