Muhidiin Ahmed Farah pleads guilty in Birks robbery

A man charged in a bold daylight robbery in Saskatoon is going to prison.

Sentenced to four years

Thieves caught on tape. (Saskatoon Police)

A man charged in a brazen daylight jewellry store heist in Saskatoon is going to prison.

Muhidiin Ahmed-Farah (Saskatoon Police)
​Muhidiin Ahmed Farah, 28, was arrested on March 31 by police in Montreal and then transferred to Saskatoon. Earlier this week, he pleaded guilty in provincial court to his part in the robbery.

He was sentenced to four years in prison, and given a weapons prohibition.

The robbery happened over the noon hour in early February. Farah was one of four disguised men who burst into the downtown Birks store with crowbars.

Rolex watches and jewellry

The men smashed display cases and made off with high-end watches and jewellry. The entire robbery was caught on surveillance tape. 

Farah was later identified as one of the suspects and a Canada-wide warrant was issued for his arrest.

In March, detectives in Montreal spotted him on a downtown street corner and arrested him.