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Covering everything and anything for CBC Saskatoon, Morgan is a journalist interested in municipal and provincial affairs, Canadian crime and Canadian politics. Familiar with a variety of beats, Morgan has worked as a staff reporter for the Saskatoon StarPhoenix, Metro Calgary, Metro Saskatoon and the Fort McMurray Today and now works for CBC in Saskatoon.

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Evan Penner healing with family after arrest by Saskatoon police caught on video: FSIN

The Saskatoon Police Association says the officer involved in Penner's July 4 arrest was not placed on punitive administrative leave, but given days off following incident.

Advocates call for firings after video shows Saskatoon officers punching suspect on the ground

The video shows an officer punching Evan Penner several times and repeatedly telling him to stop resisting. That officer has been placed on leave, Saskatoon police Chief Troy Cooper says.

Ministry of Highways paid $61K to tactical company LGBTQ advocates say pushes 'dangerous rhetoric'

After bringing the posts to the attention of the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure, a statement from the ministry indicated it “would not have contracted with this company had we been aware that these comments had been made on social media.”

OUTSaskatoon brings concerns from LGBTQ community to police chief

Officials from OUTSaskatoon say members of the LGBTQ community in Saskatoon don't feel safe when dealing with police, but a meeting held on Friday was an important step toward establishing a stronger relationship.

Daughter who recently travelled from U.S. allowed to see terminally-ill father, but wants process streamlined

Phillips said while she was pleased with the end result, she says something needs to be done to ensure other families do not go through what she experienced.

OUTSaskatoon to meet with Chief Cooper after officer threatens to out man to family

In a post online, OUTSaskatoon pointed to the incident as one of the reasons it feels funding for the police needs to be reallocated to better serve the community.

Daughter able to see terminally-ill father after isolation waiver granted

Daughter breathing 'big sigh of relief' after waiver granted to allow her to see her terminally-ill father in Royal University Hospital.

Teen among 3 killed in Waldeck crash was 'gentle giant' with a kind heart, mother says

Arn Slaven, 18, was a passenger in a vehicle carrying four others that was involved in the collision, which happened on a narrow and hilly grid road near Waldeck, Sask. Wednesday night.

Timing of Phase 4 for reopening logical, but COVID-19-caution must remain, doctors say

Many of the services opening on Monday will be encouraging people — especially children — to get outside in a more organized fashion, and experts say it's a logical time for these types of activities to start. However, some say it's important for parents to listen to their children when it comes to whether or not they want to attend.

Police commissioners want to know how Saskatoon police are 'filling gaps in the system'

The request for a report comes after the board’s meeting on Thursday afternoon where commissioners discussed more than 60 letters sent to the City of Saskatoon, the majority of which were calling for the service to be defunded.

Black Lives Matter demonstration draws hundreds to downtown Saskatoon

Breonna Taylor, Regis-Korchinski-Paquet, Ahmaud Arbery, Neil Stonechild and George Floyd were just some of the names called out by the crowd during Saturday’s demonstration, where organizers and participants called on institutions and people across Canada to do better.

March through heart of Saskatoon demands justice for George Floyd

Demonstrators will converge on Saskatoon City Hall Thursday before marching through the city's downtown in memory of George Floyd and other people of colour who have died at the hands of police.

Sisters who found 11 abandoned cats 'shocked' after Saskatoon Animal Control says to let them loose

A woman who found 11 cats left for dead near her home says she was dismayed when the Saskatoon Animal Control Agency would not come get the animals due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and instead told her to let them roam free.

Saskatoon YMCA sets target to reopen on June 15 with 'very different environment'

Its CEO, Dean Dodge said while the YMCA is ready to welcome back its members, the way the facility operates will be much different than how users remember.

Province says northern travel restrictions could be removed if COVID-19 cases continue to fall

The number of active cases in the far north has fallen by 70 per cent in recent days — to 46 cases on May 28 compared to 156 on May 10.