Moose crashes through window of Sylvia Fedoruk School in Saskatoon

A moose on the loose in Saskatoon smashed through a window of an elementary school Thursday.

Officials say 1 student sustained minor injuries, classes continuing as normal

Jayme Melnyk took this picture of a moose after it smashed through a window at Sylvia Fedoruk School in Saskatoon. (Jayme Melnyk)

Jayme Melnyk says she couldn't believe her eyes as a moose smashed into a school room located directly across the hallway from her son's daycare.

Melnyk was dropping her two-year-old son off at an early-learning centre attached to Sylvia Fedoruk School in Saskatoon Thursday morning.

Her son spotted the moose running outside and was excited to see the huge animal at his school.

Suddenly, the moose ran through a large glass window in a community room and eventually slumped to the ground, in shock.

Despite the chaos, Melnyk kept a level head.

"I was very calm about it," she said. "It didn't really faze me as much as it probably should have."

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Moose on loose in Saskatoon

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A moose loose in the streets of Saskatoon ended up crashing through the window of an elementary school.

No serious injuries

The moose broke into the room just before 9 a.m. CST as a before-school program was wrapping up for the morning. 

Immediately, Melnyk said the room's supervisor gathered up the children in the room and got them to safety.

She snapped a picture of the young moose as it lay down near the classroom's door, dazed from the experience.

A moose stands in a room of the school after bursting through the window. (Chanss Lagaden/CBC)

Not surprisingly, her two-year-old has been talking about the experience all day long.

"We know the lady who works at the child care centre who was able to get all the kids out," she said. 

"So, he's been talking about her a lot and how she was scared of the moose because, obviously, the moose burst through the window." 

According to Saskatoon Public Schools, the school division that oversees the elementary school, no one was seriously injured. One student sustained minor injuries but did not need medical help. 

Conservation officers load the unconscious moose into the back of a truck. The animal was released outside the city. (Chanss Lagaden/CBC)

Moose tranquilized and released outside city

Ben Denis saw the moose trotting down his alley while working in his home office. He noticed a conservation officer tracking the animal, so he decided to follow behind.

When he arrived at the school, officers told him the moose had smashed inside.

Within about 45 minutes, conservation officers had tranquilized the moose and brought the unconscious animal outside.

Curious, Denis followed the conservation officers outside the city and talked to them as they stopped at a gas station.

He said he was told that the moose was in good condition and would be released outside the city.

"It's a feel-good story, even if there was a little bit of property damage," said Denis. 

"I think it's the type of story we need after everything that's gone on."

Saskatoon Public Schools said classes at the school are continuing as normal.

The moose was successfully released into the wild. (Saskatchewan Environment/Facebook)


David Shield is a web writer for CBC Saskatoon.

With files from Leisha Grebinski