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La Loche, Sask., residents fear loss of Dene language and culture

Residents of La Loche, Sask., are proud of their Dene language and traditions, but feel it could be lost if something isn't done soon.

What do you think Saskatchewan should sell in cans to tourists?

Prince Edward Island is known for its red sand and foggy days.

PGA Tour's Graham DeLaet brings bushy beard to clean-cut world of golf

There is love and hate for PGA Tour golfer Graham DeLaet's bushy beard.

La Loche, Sask., residents taking back their school after fatal shootings

The close-knit community of La Loche, Sask., took back the northern Saskatchewan high school this afternoon after a fatal shooting over a month ago. Hundreds of people walked from downtown, just over one kilometre away, and entered the building as one.

La Loche, Sask. students haunted by school shooting

"I could just hear the crying and all the loud students running. It's just really scary," said 16-year-old Kayla Ponicappo, who hid from the shooter inside a classroom.

La Loche, Sask., students return to school after shootings

Amid heightened security and comforting by family, students returned to Ducharme Elementary School in La Loche today following the shootings that killed two employees at a nearby high school and devastated the northern Saskatchewan community.

La Loche teachers return to school following fatal shooting

Teachers returned to the high school in La Loche, Sask., for the first time since two of their colleagues were killed in a shooting there last month.

What 3 residents wish for La Loche's future

CBC News asked La Loche residents what they wished the future will hold for the northern Saskatchewan community.

La Loche shooting victim Marie Janvier remembered during roadside vigils

Northern Saskatchewan communities showed their unity Wednesday night while paying respect to La Loche shooting victim Marie Janvier.

La Loche hopes for better future after deadly shootings, struggles with youth suicides

Residents of La Loche, Sask., say faith, family, friends and hope have helped them cope in the wake of last Friday's deadly shooting. But some are calling for more to be done to help the community deal with its ongoing youth suicide crisis.

La Loche, Sask., shootings: Community in shock after deadly shootings

The community of La Loche, Sask., is reeling from Friday's shootings that left four people dead. On top of that tragedy, the community has seen hardship before.

Nepal earthquake: The temple is gone but the people will rebuild

Saskatoon Morning online host Matt Kruchak reflects on the six-months he spent in working as a freelance journalist in Nepal.

Eat your way around the world on 22nd Street

You don't need to leave Saskatoon to enjoy savoury Indian curries, flavourful Middle Eastern falafel or spicy Chinese beef dishes.

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