'You could see her take a gulp of air,' recalls Saskatoon man who saved baby

For Randy Kluz the whole thing is just starting to sink in. The Saskatoon man saved a baby.

Man pulls baby trapped in stroller from Bow River in Calgary

Saskatoon man Randy Kluz saved a baby from the the Bow River in Calgary on July 24. (Getty Images)

For Randy Kluz the whole thing is just starting to sink in.

The Saskatoon man recently saved a baby from drowning. I turned over my shoulder I see this stroller going over the bank- Randy Kluz

"I'll never forget that cart going over," Kluz said. "I saw it go over, that stroller, and then to have seen that baby's face underwater, those are the two things I vividly remember."

It's been a little more than a week since Kluz, his wife and some friends, were walking along the Bow River in Calgary enjoying a quiet Sunday.

That's when a blood-curdling scream broke the peace and calm.

"You kind of snap your head around and as I turned over my shoulder I see this stroller going over the bank," he recalled.

"That's when the whole thing kind of became a blur."

Kluz didn't actually see what led to the stroller going into the river, but later learned after speaking with others, that the stroller had accidently rolled away from the mother, across the grass and over the bank into the river. 

Adrenalin takes over

Moving on instinct and adrenalin, the 64-year-old climbed down the rocks and jumped into the swift flowing river. Up to his waist in cold water, navigating a rocky bottom, Kluz was able to grab a now semi-submerged stroller, and then pull the baby, stroller and all up out of the river.

That's when people clapped and cheered.- Randy Kluz

"As soon as her face broke the water, that was a relief because she just, you could see her take a gulp of air and she just started screaming and crying and when they are crying like that you know they are breathing," said Kluz.

With the help of an off-duty fireman and a third man, Kluz was able to get the baby safely to shore. It wasn't long until an ambulance arrived, silencing the gathered crowd as paramedics worked.

"People were whispering," said Kluz.

"Then the paramedic came out and he actually announced, because so many people had gathered, there was probably by this time 50 people … he announced that the baby was fine," Kluz said.

"That's when the people clapped and cheered."

It all happened so fast that Kluz was not able to speak with the mother. He doesn't even know the name of the baby girl he saved.

With all the attention he's getting, Kluz hopes that will change.

"Now that it's in the paper and stuff I'm sure I'll get to find out somewhere down the line. "


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