Sask. hunter sent to hospital after bear climbs tree to attack him

A 39-year-old man is in stable condition after he was attacked by a bear near the village of Weirdale, Sask.

Bear was with 3 cubs, conservation officers searching area near Weirdale, Sask.

Parkland Ambulance says a man was attacked by a bear near the village of Weirdale, Sask., on Monday evening. (CBC)

A 39-year-old Saskatchewan man is in hospital after he was attacked by a bear on Monday.

The man was bow hunting out of a tree stand near the village of Weirdale, Sask., when a group of bears came into the area. One of the bears climbed the tree and attacked the man, seriously wounding him.

The victim was able to fight the bear off and limped to his truck, where he was able to call for help.

"She had three cubs with her," said conservation officer Kevin Harrison.

"It's more than likely this bear was defending her cubs and was protecting them."

Officers are now searching for the wounded bear and have started setting traps in the area. Harrison says it's likely the bear will be put down after it's caught.

Hikers warned

Samples from the bear will be sent away for analysis to confirm that the correct bear is found.

Officers have posted warning signs around the area and are advising everyone in wooded areas to be extra careful.

"Winter is coming and bears are trying to fatten up as much as they can," said Harrison.

"Hikers or berry pickers should carry bear spray and make yourself known that you're going to be out there in the woods."

The man has been transferred to Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon, where he is in stable condition.

Weirdale is located 190 kilometres northeast of Saskatoon.

With files from Danny Kerslake