Saskatoon man guilty of assault in race-based 2020 attack on Asian teen

A Saskatoon man is guilty of assault in an unprovoked attack last year on an Asian teen in a city park.

Man accused victim of 'spreading the virus'

The teen captured part of the assault on video. (Submitted by Nelson Chen)

A Saskatoon man is guilty of an unprovoked attack on a 15-year-old Asian boy last year in a city park.

Todd Weber was given a suspended sentence and 18-months probation after a one-day trial in Saskatoon provincial court.

The May 2020 attack in Saskatoon's Lawson Heights area left the teen's family shaken. Nelson Chen told CBC at the time that his 15-year-old son was subjected to racial slurs and COVID-19-related accusations, then physically attacked while riding his bike in a field behind Bishop James Mahoney High School.

Chen said his son was going through the field by Bishop James Mahoney when he encountered a man.

"My son just was minding his business, just keeping on riding," Chen said. "But this person started to curse and then yelled racial slurs to him and accused him of spreading the virus."

He said his son used his phone to take a picture of the man.

"That person became even more aggressive. And he just ran to my son and push him off the bike and pitch him on the ground and start punching him in the head."

Chen's son was able to record a portion of the attack.

The teen was shaken by the assault but not seriously hurt.