'This isn't something you want to get': Saskatoon man details what it's like to get sick from COVID-19

A 51-year-old Saskatoon man who tested positive for COVID-19 is sharing what's it like to battle the virus.

Todd Rowan attended snowmobile rally at Christopher Lake on March 14

Todd Rowan is urging people to follow social distancing guidelines. (LinkedIn)

Todd Rowan says the headache started four days after he attended a snowmobile rally at Christopher Lake on March 14.

Within two hours, the headache was joined by fever, aches, pains, chills and a harsh, dry cough, the 51-year-old Saskatoon marketing consultant said.

"Just thinking there was something wrong, some different type of flu, was going through my mind. Just the severity of the pain and uncomfortableness," Rowan said in an interview Thursday.

"This isn't something you want to get."

The dinner after the Christopher Lake rally. (Lakeland Tree Dodgers Snowmobile Club/Facebook)

Rowan called his doctor and then got tested for COVID-19. Two days later, the results came back positive. His wife and 15-year-old son have also since tested positive.

According to the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA), there have been 41 cases discovered in Saskatoon. Two people who attended the snowmobile rally supper have tested positive, SHA said.

Rowan thinks that he got the virus after the snowmobile rally. He met with a couple of friends for drinks in a fishing shack. He said his friends are waiting to get tested.

Rowan is a marketing consultant who works with farmers. He's been able to work from home because he can do much of his work electronically.

Not that he's been doing much work this past week. He said the symptoms come and go.

"You're better for an hour and then it'll knock you back," he said.

"There was a Monday where I went to bed at two in the afternoon and didn't really do much until the next morning at 7:30."

Rowan is urging everyone to follow social distancing guidelines.

"You know, if I was a farmer I'd be social distancing everyone on my farm. If you got what I got during seeding, you wouldn't be able to turn a wheel yourself," he said.

"I still feel clammy and sweaty, but at least I have some energy today."

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Dan Zakreski is a reporter for CBC Saskatoon.

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