Lost toy turtle travels around the world

Four-year-old Maelle Ferradini loses her favourite toy turtle in Ecuador. The hostel owner finds it, brings it to Saskatoon, where it is sent to a family friend in Vancouver, who will bring it to Thailand when she visits the family in December.

Four-year-old girl who loses turtle in Ecuador will be reunited with it in Thailand.

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      It's been quite  an adventure for four-year-old Maelle Ferradini  and her toy turtle,Torticolis. In August they travelled with Maelle's family to Ecuador, as part of a year-long around the world trip.  

      Three weeks after leaving Canada, Maelle discovered Tortioclis was missing. The family thought the toy turtle may have been eaten by a dog.

      Maelle Ferradini rides a llama in Ecuador. (Courtesy of Benoit Ferradini)
      ​Maelle was heart-broken.

      "It was important for her because it was not only a toy, it was her house, her bedroom as well," said her father, Benoit Ferradini.

      The family travelled on to Argentina and Chile, where they found a toy penguin to replace Torticolis. Months later Ferradini received an email from the owner of the Ecuadorian  hostel. Torticolis had been found.

      That's when recovery efforts began. The hostel owner brought the turtle to Saskatoon. Ferradini contacted a colleague in Regina, who found someone in Saskatoon. The lost turtle, in fact, spent some time in the CBC Saskatoon newsroom before being sent to Vancouver. A family friend is now going to bring Torticolis to Thailand, when she visits the Ferradinis in December.

      "Everything was over in 20 minutes.  It was a very short recovery effort, but a very good team," said Ferradini.