Denise Valle's decision to focus on music has paid off

Local Music Monday is a regular column on CBC Radio's Saskatoon Morning. Each month we profile a local band and share their story with our listeners.
Denise Valle performed at the 2019 Saskatchewan Jazz Festival. (Submitted by Aaron Brown)

Denise Valle has had a big year.

Boney M and DJ Questlove are just two of the big names the Saskatoon R&B singer has been able to share the stage with.

Valle has spent the last year pursuing music full time and it's paying off in a big way.

"It just feels really special to be chosen in Saskatoon to represent our province," Valle said of her show opening for DJ Questlove at this years Saskatchewan Jazz Festival.

That's just fuel for the fire- Denise Valle

Valle said the come-down from big shows like these can give her time to reflect on her experiences and the relationships she builds with her audience.

She loves hearing  an audience member tell her that her work was the best part of the show.

"That's just fuel for the fire," Valle says.

Valle said she often notes the joy she sees on the faces of audience members and tries to tap into that.

"It's the way that I feel like I can truly connect with them," she said.

She includes cover songs in her live shows and emphasizes that she carefully chooses tracks she feels her audience will enjoy while still staying within the R&B genre that has always inspired her.

"Saskatchewan isn't necessarily known for hip-hop and R&B," she said.

Valle said it's important to have the opportunity to play for touring artists here in her own hometown.

It helps to show others in larger cities that there is an appetite for that music here.

Valle has compiled a list of songs that inspire her, have a listen to her top picks in our Local Music Monday playlist.   


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