Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau talks energy and environment

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau talked about finding the balance between protecting the environment and growing the economy in an interview with Saskatoon Morning's Leisha Grebinski.

Wants National Energy Board returned to pre-Conservative state

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau talks energy and environment

8 years ago
Duration 11:28
Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau sits down for an interview with Saskatoon Morning host Leisha Grebinski.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says he wants the National Energy Board returned to how it worked before the Conservatives took power.

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau at CBC Saskatoon (Matt Kruchak/CBC)
"We will restore a level of independence and intellectual rigor, if you like, to the processes of boards like the National Energy Board," he said in an interview on Saskatoon Morning.

Trudeau said the board has been politicized under a decade of Conservative government. And he said that approach has backfired.

"Around Gateway and other projects they have torqued it, so even though they thought that would make it easier for projects to go through, they've actually made it harder."

This is because people don't trust the board, he said.

Trudeau also talked about working with the provinces on carbon emission targets.

"We will not bring in a single program from Ottawa because the time for that has passed," he said.

"We will instead allow provinces to set their framework but hold them to emission reductions targets that we will work out together."