Gordie Howe's old Saskatoon school pays its respects on day of his funeral

Students at Mr. Hockey's old school in Saskatoon paid their respects to Gordie Howe during their assembly today.

Saskatoon students remember Gordie Howe at school assembly

King George Community School remembers Gordie Howe

6 years ago
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King George Community School in Saskatoon remembers Gordie Howe on day of his funeral

Not long after hundreds gathered to remember Gordie Howe at funeral services in Detroit on Wednesday, students at Mr. Hockey's old school in Saskatoon paid their own respects to the local hero. 

The school took 10 minutes out of its Friday assembly to hear from friends of Howe, including his former school mate Lorne Richardson. 

He remembered a pivotal moment that could have changed the course of hockey history. 

When Howe first arrived at the school and asked to play goaltender, he was refused by a teacher because Richardson was already in that position. 

Gordie Howe's old school, the King George Community School in Saskatoon, paid their respects to Mr. Hockey on the day of his funeral Wednesday. (Don Somers/CBC News )

"I guess we're all very happy that Gordie Howe didn't turn into a goaltender," he said. 

"That would have been pretty sad, I think, for the hockey world." 

Teachers wore Detroit Red Wings jerseys to the assembly, where author Brenda Zeman also spoke to the students about Howe. 

The co-author of Hockey Heritage: 88 Years of Puck Chasing in Saskatchewan said she was surprised more tributes were not being held in Saskatoon on the day of Howe's funeral. 

Lorne Richardson attended King George Community School at the same time as Gordie Howe. (Don Somers/CBC news )

"As far as I know this is the only activity that is going on as a tribute to Gordie Howe today," she said. 

"People may be celebrating and remembering privately, but it seems to me that a man who made the sidewalks of Saskatoon and then went on to be Mr. Hockey deserves to be celebrated." 

When Howe died on June 10 at the age of 88, King George students asked their teachers to hold a minute of silence for the Saskatoon-raised hockey player. 

King George Community School Grade 6 student and hockey player Haile Assiniboine said Gordie Howe was a big inspiration to her. (Don Somers/CBC news )

Students have also expressed their gratitude to Howe in a sign at the entrance to the school, which reads "Mr. Hockey! Thank you for being our hero."

King George Grade 6 student and hockey player Haile Assiniboine said Howe was a big inspiration and her favourite hockey player.

She said she would remember him as "this nice, very nice hockey player. Mr. Gordie Howe."