Jynx Jones, exotic dancer, says ban on stripping a bad move

A Saskatchewan exotic dancer says that banning stripping is not a step forward in protecting women.

Saskatoon stripper says Saskatchewan government ban on stripping misses root of the problem

Jynx Jones, an exotic dancer from Martensville, says a ban on stripping is the wrong thing to do. (Submitted by Jynx Jones)

A Saskatchewan exotic dancer says that banning stripping is not a step forward in protecting women. 

The Saskatoon dancer, who goes by the stage name Jynx Jones, said the Saskatchewan government's plan to make stripping illegal again is missing the root of the problem. 

Premier Brad Wall said the government made a mistake by making partial stripping legal  where alcohol is served in January of 2014. Wall said the links to human trafficking and organized crime are too serious to turn a blind eye.

Jones, who works for KJ Entertainment, said the government needs to shift its focus. 

"Poverty, mental addictions, victims of abuse ... Those are the people that are targeted by traffickers, and that's long before they would ever reach a strip club," she said. 

By making stripping illegal, she said she has concerns that it could go underground. 

"They don't necessarily care if you have a license and the police really have no way of keeping track of where people are should anything go wrong," she said. "So really, it just makes it more dangerous for the girls working."


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