Judge reserves decision in Hells Angel Jesse Bitz death threats case

A Saskatoon judge is reserving his decision until the end of the month in the case of a Hells Angel accused of threatening to kill his former boss.

Decision will be made October 31

RAW: Hells Angel Jesse Bitz altercation at Cabela's

8 years ago
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Hells Angel Jesse Bitz gets in a shouting match with Leonard Banga in a Saskatoon Cabela's store. It was caught on the store's surveillance cameras.

Two completely different pictures of Jesse Bitz emerged at his trial in Court of Queen's Bench this week.

Former Hells Angel Jesse Bitz arrives at Court of Queen's Bench this morning. (Dan Zakreski/CBC)
Now, it's up to Justice Neil Gabrielson to decide which picture he accepts.

Bitz, a former Hells Angel, is accused of threatening to kill his former boss, Leonard Banga of Xtreme Mining and Demolition. Bitz worked for the company until the pair had a falling out last year.

It's the nature of the falling out that became the focus of the trial.

Bitz's lawyer, Morris Bodnar, said that Banga fabricated the death threats because he was angry with Bitz walking away from a six-figure job at his company.

He conceded that Bitz was upset with Banga, but he said that the anger came from his former boss scuttling his chances of getting a high-paying job at Agrium.

RAW: Former Hells Angel Jesse Bitz arrives at court

8 years ago
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Former Hells Angel Jesse Bitz arrives at court in Saskatoon, where he's charged with threatening to kill Leonard Banga.
"My client was upset that he did not get the job that pays well," Bodnar said.

"But he does not threaten to kill."

He said that Banga has nothing to corroborate his claims of the death threats, "he just wants us to take his word for it."

Jesse Bitz, in Hells Angels colours, and Leonard Banga have a confrontation at Cabela's in Saskatoon on June 24, 2013. The altercation was caught on surveillance camera. (Screen grab of video)
But prosecutor Jennifer Claxton-Viczko said that Bitz's narrative "is not plausible, is not believable."

She said that Banga had no incentive to fabricate such serious claims.

Claxton-Viczko said that Bitz would have the judge believe that he was such an essential employee that Banga would be compelled to makeup allegations of death threats.

"You're going to allege this against a member of the Hells Angels," she asked.

Gabrielson reserved his decision until October 31.