Jessica Mulroney and husband Ben bring Shoebox Project to Saskatoon

The Shoebox Project is an initiative where organizers stuff shoeboxes with $50 worth of cosmetics and drugstore luxuries and give them to homeless women. The treats often include tea, toothbrushes, lip balm and cosmetics.

Volunteers fill shoeboxes with luxuries, distribute to homeless women

Jessica Mulroney, with her husband Ben, at a Shoebox Project event in Saskatoon. (Don Somers/CBC)

Canadian TV personality Ben Mulroney and his wife Jessica were in Saskatoon this week, to support the Shoebox Project, an initiative that aims to make Christmas brighter for homeless women.

Organizers stuffed each box with $50 worth of cosmetics and drugstore luxuries. The treats often include tea, toothbrushes, lip balm and cosmetics.
Volunteers with the Shoebox project in Saskatoon stuff $50 worth of luxuries into shoeboxes which will be distributed at women's shelters in the city. (CBC)

Jessica Mulroney said her mother began the tradition, for shelters in Montreal. Then, Mulroney and her sisters-in-law brought idea to Toronto.

"We decided to help one shelter and from there it was lightning in a bottle. The e-mail got passed around, women started talking to each other and we were able to support five local shelters that year," Mulroney said.

The project is now in its fifth year.

"We're in over 70 communities across Canada. We're in communities across the world. So we're really excited the message is resonating," she said. 

Mulroney says the shoeboxes make a real difference to homeless women. She said most would never splurge on buying the items for themselves.

In Saskatoon, Homes by Dream is collecting the shoeboxes at its sales centre in South Kensington. If you want to help, you can drop one off there until Nov. 26.