Jennifer Quesnel

CBC Saskatoon reporter

Since 2001, Jennifer Quesnel has reported on news and current affairs for both CBC Radio and CBC Television in Regina, Calgary, Quebec City and Saskatoon.

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'I couldn't keep it in': Mom recalls moment 'warrior baby' born in moving ambulance on Saskatoon bridge

Akira Hope Laban was born to mom Rayshell Charles in an ambulance as it crossed Saskatoon's university bridge Tuesday morning.

Use of force by Saskatoon police drops 3.4 per cent

Police in Saskatoon used less physical force to restrain people last year, but say crystal meth led to the need for more restraining of suspects in detention.

Does Saskatoon need a $2-billion perimeter highway?

With a proposed highway around Saskatoon's perimeter still 15 to 20 years from construction, planners say the province should take a closer look at the need for it and where it should go.

Proposed solar Saskatoon neighbourhood designed 'in a vacuum,' planners say

The company trying to develop a solar-powered neighbourhood behind the southeast Costco says Saskatoon cannot afford to wait, despite city planners saying they're not keen on the location or the timing.

The 13 survivors of the Humboldt Broncos bus crash: Where are they now?

Among the survivors of the Humboldt Broncos bus crash, some have managed to heal more quickly and have returned to the world of hockey. Others may never walk again.

Federally-imposed carbon tax takes effect in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan businesses and consumers pay more for fuel starting today, as a carbon tax is added to the price of natural gas and gasoline.

'Something wrong here:' Southend, Sask. residents shocked by $1K/month power bills

The Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation says people in Southend consume electricity at double, even triple the rates of their neighbours in Pelican Narrows, Deschambault Lake and Sandy Bay and residents cannot keep up with the bills.

Fewer new listings, fewer homes selling in Saskatoon

After four consecutive years of declining home sales and a slump in new construction, fewer sellers appear willing to put their homes on the market.

Cameco has cut half its Sask. workforce since Fukushima meltdown

Cigar Lake is now Cameco's only operating mine. Following the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, the company cut production, and cut half its staff at its northern mines and head office.

Saskatoon council unanimously approves 17-storey Broadway condo tower

Saskatoon city council is being asked to approve a 17-storey condo and business tower near Five Corners during its meeting tonight. Neighbours say the high-rise will dominate the Broadway Avenue skyline.

Want to see your own eHealth record? Prepare to wait

Although most Saskatchewan health records are now online, looking at your own file still means contacting eHealth, filling out a form and waiting up to a week.

Saskatoon's new mental health ER unit closing this year

Chronic understaffing plagues Saskatoon's emergency mental health assessment unit, and mental health patients and advocates call its upcoming closure a step backward.

'This is dangerous': Striking Saskatoon Co-op workers want deal

As the strike nears day 100, Saskatoon Co-op is paying those who cross picket lines and hundreds of replacement workers to keep its stores open. Union members reject its proposed two-tier wage grid.

More than 200 Saskatoon Co-op workers cross picket line with strike in 4th month

Saskatoon Co-op's CEO said 204 unionized workers have crossed the picket line, as a strike enters its fourth month. Grant Wicks said managers will soon re-open 'almost every' store.

Federal, provincial elections targets for cyberattacks, Goodale warns during lecture at U of Regina

Hackers trying to disrupt or infiltrate banking and government agencies have now set their sights on Canadian elections, said Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale.