It's-a-him, Mario! Visiting voice actor talks 'Super' gig

Meeting fans is "marvelous," says Charles Martinet. Attendees at this weekend's Regina Fan Expo will get the chance to do just that.

Charles Martinet, who helps brings video game character to life, hits up Regina Fan Expo

Charles Martinet's first Mario voice acting credit (as listed on IMDB) is not actually "Super Mario 64" but the 1991 Windows program "Mario Teaches Typing." (Charles Martinet/Twitter)

The man behind the voice for Super Mario can attest to this personally: sometimes it's better to crash job interviews. And just keep talking.

Charles Martinet, who became synonymous with the plucky Italian plumber from Brooklyn after voicing him for 1996's "Super Mario 64" video game, is one of the special guests at this year's Regina Fan Expo.

He joins actors Jason Priestley of "Beverly Hills 90210", Megan Follows of "Anne of Green Gables" and the big-screen Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Kristy Swanson.

'Never ran out of anything to say'

But Martinet might never have joined their ranks had he never taken a friend's advice.

"I was doing what actors do, sitting on the beach, waiting for the phone to ring. And it rang and it was a friend of mine saying, 'Go to this audition.'

"I never go to an audition uninvited. And I went. I crashed it. And the direction was, 'Start talking. Make up a voice. And don't run out of things to say.'

"I never ran out of anything to say."

Super Mario voice actor Charles Martinet 3:25

Meeting fans is 'marvelous'

Martinet says it's a blast meeting his fans at conventions like the Expo.

"I hear these things like, 'You're the voice of my childhood' and 'You brought me so much joy.' That's profoundly touching to me. It's such an honour to do what you love to do in life and then to be received and acknowledged for it. How marvelous."

Regina Fan Expo begins Saturday at Evraz Place.​

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