International Women's Day in Saskatoon sparks artistic expression

Community organizations held an informal event at Station 20 West in Saskatoon to celebrate International Women's Day.

This year's arts theme invites women to create and share stories with strokes on a blank canvas

Women celebrated International Women's Day a day early at Station 20 West in Saskatoon. (CBC)

The sound of a banging drum and the smell of fresh paint highlighted an arts-oriented event promoting resilience and inclusivity Monday, ahead of International Women's Day.

Billed as an informal event at Station 20 West in Saskatoon, Erin Beckwell with the International Women's Day planning committee said the goal was to create a welcoming environment so everyone can come to network and share stories, rather than inviting women to a panel discussion with very little interaction.

"Our goal is to contribute to a more inclusive community for all, so our hope is that people will come out, have a good time, maybe meet some people, learn about some services and community and carry on that message of inclusivity beyond today," Beckwell said.

The theme in 2016 is "We're all in this together" and Beckwell said it's a reflection of what they are trying to promote with this year's event. She explained that it fits well into the province's theme which is focused on celebrating resilience in women with disabilities.  

Erin Beckwell played a hand in organizing an art-oriented event at Station 20 West in Saskatoon for International Women's Day. (CBC)

This year's event centres around the arts, with various exhibits encouraging women to take a hands-on approach to create and express themselves through art and song.

Beckwell said she hopes if people leave the event with anything, they should leave with a sense of belonging and community, which she said helped her develop into a strong and confident woman.

"I think community is a big part of resiliency for myself, but also for lots of people," Beckwell said.

International Women's Day is March 8.


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