Indigenous students at U of S push for own student union

Indigenous students at the University of Saskatchewan want to form their own student union.

Indigenous Students' Council continuing boycott of U of S reconciliation talks

Regan Ratt-Misponas is president of the University of Saskatchewan Indigenous Students' Council. (Eric Anderson/CBC)

Some Indigenous students at the University of Saskatchewan want to form their own student union.

A meeting is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon on campus to discuss these and other possible changes.

Indigenous students are currently represented by the Indigenous Students' Council.

Council President Regan Ratt-Misponas said this places them "under" the general student union. He says they want recognition as a full union.

Such recognition could give them seats on the board of governors, the senate and other powerful bodies.

Ratt-Misponas says Indigenous people deserve to be at those tables where reconciliation efforts are under discussion.

"One of the things Indigenous people have never given up is self-determination," he said.

The council has boycotted reconciliation and "Indigenization" talks with the university since March. That boycott will continue, Ratt-Misponas said.

Ratt-Misponas and others are expected to discuss these and other issues tonight. They're hosting the annual general meeting for Indigenous students on campus starting at 5 p.m. CST.

University officials have said they're committed to reconciliation and are working hard to resolve any issues.