Honk for parking, new app comes to Saskatoon

HonkMobile is rolling out across Canada and the latest stop for the parking app is Saskatoon.

App can help you pay for, find and reserve a space

The HonkMobile app will allow users to reserve a parking spot in about a dozen lots in the downtown area. (HonkMobile )

HonkMobile is rolling out across Canada and its latest stop is Saskatoon. The app can help people find spots in a couple dozen lots, mostly downtown.

It's a real life saver.- Michael Back

Honk has inked a deal in Saskatoon with Precise Parklink West. 

"It's a real life-saver, no hunting for change," said the company's Michael Back in an interview with CBC Radio One's Saskatoon Morning.

"Coins and bills are increasingly being used less and less so it's really just a matter of once you try it, [you'll] never go back," he said.

Reserve a spot

Michael Back is the CEO and founder of HonkMobile and is rolling out the parking app in Saskatoon. (HonkMobile)

Back said the HonkMobile app helps drivers pay for parking and also helps to find a spot — it can even reserve a spot for you.

"You can pick up your phone, search it … see it, pay for it, and move on."

Reserving a spot is possible using the app at about a dozen lots downtown, according to Back.

One thing that Back doesn't want to see from Saskatoon drivers is for some of them to write off the app as being too complicated, something useful only to the young and digital savvy. 

Back said Honk's customers are diverse.

"It's young, it's old, it's male and it's female."

HonkMobile is currently making a big push into western Canada and is already accepted at some 800 parking lots across Canada and the United States.

with files from Saskatoon Morning