Mitsubishi confirms it will shut down manufacturing at Saskatoon Hitachi plant

Mitsubishi America is closing down manufacturing at the Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems plant in Saskatoon.

Company says 150 workers will lose their jobs

The Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems plant is located in the north end of Saskatoon. (Google Street View)

Mitsubishi has confirmed it is shutting down the manufacturing side of the Hitachi plant in Saskatoon, a move that will leave 150 people without work in October.

Susan Fernandez with Mitsubishi said about 20 staff from the company's power division will use the Saskatoon plant as a base to work on outside projects and do maintenance and repairs.

On Thursday, Mitsubishi America said on its website it is planning to "restructure and streamline" its manufacturing business in Saskatoon.

It's all part of "realizing cost synergies," the website said.
The Hitachi turbine plant in Saskatoon is apparently closing. (Hitachi Canada)

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries merged with Hitachi Ltd. in February, 2014.

"They are closing the doors on my shop. I am employed until October 15, after that they are putting the chains on the gates," wrote one worker.

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems announced the closure of its Saskatoon plant on its website. Employees said they were told Thursday about the closure. (Mitsubish Hitachi Power Systems website)