Health experts happy with Saskatoon's e-cigarette ban

E-cigarettes are now covered by a bylaw that prohibits smoking in city buildings, bars and restaurants and outdoor patios.

Council voted to restrict vaping in bars, restaurants, municipal buildings

Council voted to restrict use of e-cigarettes. (CBC)

Health officials are pleased with Saskatoon City Council's decision to ban the use of e-cigarettes in municipal buildings, bars and restaurants and outdoor patios.

Councillors voted 8-2 to add the devices to the city's current smoking bylaws.

The Canadian Cancer Society applauds the decision, and wishes other municipalities would follow suit.

"We are very very pleased, we are very proud of Saskatoon," said spokesperson Donna Pasiechnik. "And we hope other municipalities will follow suit. Namely the capital: Regina."

E-cigarettes are controversial in the medical field. While touted as a safe alternative to cigarettes, long-term tests of their safety haven't been conducted.

"We don't know enough about ecigarettes," said Pasiechnik. "Health Canada has not approved the sale of e-cigarettes with nicotine here in Canada." 

Anti-smoking advocates believe that e-cigarettes may 're-normalize' smoking in society, and may create a resurgence with smokers.

They also worry more children may start smoking as a result.


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