Great Instagram accounts combine vivid visuals with authentic writing

Instagram can be much more than posting pictures of your kids or what you ate for breakfast. Here are some of the best accounts in Saskatchewan

Here are some of the best Saskatchewan Instagram accounts of 2018

Former Saskatchewanderer Andrew Hiltz has one of the most engaging Instagram accounts in Saskatchewan, according to a local social media expert. (Andrew Hiltz)

While many use Instagram to post pictures of their kids or what they ate for breakfast, businesses, artists and bloggers rely on the social media platform as an important tool in their trade.

Tyler Babiy is a Saskatoon social media expert who heads up T Squared Social.

Tyler Babiy of T Squared Social offers up his top Saskatchewan Instagram accounts of 2018. (CBC News)

Babiy says high quality images and heartfelt writing typically make for a great Instagram account.

"I look to see a lot of authentic writing and I love people that use stories to sort of backfill the human part of the story," Babiy told Saskatoon Morning host Leisha Grebinski.

Here are Babiy's picks of the top Saskatchewan Instagrammers of 2018.


Hiltz is a former Saskatchewanderer and he continues to create travel inspired content.

One of Babiy's favourite Instagram moments of 2018 was watching Hiltz post stories while he ran the Queen City Marathon.  

"If you've ever run a marathon you know how challenging it is, so the fact he did it while Instagramming stories the entire marathon was like insane to me," Babiy said, adding, "He's just a highly entertaining guy."


Babiy calls Tenille Campbell's page incredible, a "magical blend of creative photos, insightful poetry and hilarious personal moments."

"The thing that I love the most is her stories are so comical, so human, so wonderful. It just makes all the high-level posting that much more relatable," Babiy said.

"She had this one where she was having these tummy issues and so she took a bit of medication and was singing a bunch of Christmas carols. There was a lot of filters and it was pretty wild."


Jesse Boldt chronicles his adventure living in a van with his dog Layla. He is also a martial artist.  

Babiy recalled he'd once read a quote from Boldt, saying, "You have to start as a white belt in everything you do, it's the only way to get better."

"That's the lesson I take from his stuff," Babiy said.

"A lot of times people want to look perfect on social media and I mean you can't start at perfect. You miss all the good stuff because that progression and learning and humanity and making mistakes, that is really the good stuff of social media for me."


Babiy said this account feels like it's your best friend posting about pizza even though it is a corporate account.

One of his favourite posts of the year was a picture of a Pizza Dress, which involved someone biting a pizza to make it look like a girl's dress.

"They were just goofing around and they made something fun. It was organic and it was a really neat post."


The Well Collaborative is run by a pair of professional photographers.

"The storytelling both visually and written is so inspiring and is so beautiful," Babiy said. "They literally take a picture of an empty room with a chair and it's art."

He said both the visual and written stories on this account are incredibly moving.


​Garrett Kendel is the photographer behind his wife Kelsi's blog and a fashion enthusiast.

Babiy said whether Kendel is capturing a Saskatchewan scene or a lush California moment, his shots are right on point.

with files from Saskatoon Morning 


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