Garth Brooks warns audience to be prepared opening night

Garth Brooks is promising to put on a magnificent show tonight when he kicks off his first of six concerts in Saskatoon.

Garth Brooks speaks to media this afternoon before first performance

Garth Brooks with CBC's Leisha Grebinski

6 years ago
Duration 3:09
CBC Radio's Saskatoon Morning Host Leisha Grebinski had a one-on-one with country music superstar Garth Brooks. 3:09

Garth Brooks is promising to put on a magnificent show tonight when he kicks off his first of six concerts in Saskatoon.

The original plan was to have one Garth Brooks concert, but tickets sold so quickly that the team ended up adding five more.

Speaking to the media before opening night at SaskTel Centre, Brooks said if there was anyone there going to the show tonight, to be ready.

"I feel sorry for the people coming to the show tonight because I've had some rest. This is going to be stupid, it's going to be great and it's going to be a perfect way to kick off the shows this weekend," Brooks said laughing.

"I know these people they're going to come with the right attitude, they're still not going to be prepared, I'm going to kick their ass."

With six concerts at SaskTel Centre over the next four days, with back-to-back shows Friday and Saturday, Brooks said the audience can expect to hear all the songs they love, because he still loves to play them for the crowd.

Brooks added that the trick is to not really sing at all and let the audience take over.

"I'll sing maybe a word of it, everyone else is singing it, easiest gig on the planet," he said. "If you attend this one, you'll go, 'this guy doesn't do anything, we do all the work.'"

If he's enjoyed anything over his decades on tour, it's watching the audience participate in the show.

"That's the fun part because I get to see them like a fan watching an artist. And once it gets to that you just enjoy the ride for however long it lasts."

Brooks teared up a little when he was asked what he's learned during his time away from music and touring, because it made him think about his family and his children.

"We had a great run in the '90s but it was one-billionth the feeling of being a dad, that's the best feeling in the world," he said. "No offence to music, it cannot compare."

The University of Saskatchewan handed Brooks and Trisha Yearwood matching Huskies jerseys to mark the special weekend in Saskatoon.

The first of six Garth Brooks concerts goes tonight at 7:30 p.m. at SaskTel Centre.


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