Gang member pleads guilty in Lorry Santos murder case

There has been a surprise guilty plea in the case of a Saskatoon woman who was killed in her own home last year.

Saskatoon mother of four was shot to death in her home

Kyle Halbauer left court Friday morning after pleading guilty to first-degree murder. (Dan Zakreski/CBC)


  • Accused says it was 'kill or be killed' in gang life
  • Emotional victim impact statement from sister
Three men have been charged in the death of Lorry Santos. One of them, Kyle Halbauer, has now pleaded guilty to first-degree murder.

There has been a surprise guilty plea in the case of a Saskatoon woman who was shot to death last year.

Kyle Halbauer, one of three men charged with the first-degree murder of Lorry Santos, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder during a court appearance Friday.

Santos was shot and killed in her home when she answered the door on Sept. 12, 2012. She was 34.

The wrong house

Prosecutor Matthew Miazga (CBC)

Prosecutor Matthew Miazga read an agreed statement of facts into the record.

Halbauer, Joshua Petrin and Randy O'Hagan are all members of the White Boy Posse gang. Halbauer said the three were sent to Saskatoon from Alberta to kill a man who had left the gang.

But they were given the wrong address.

I did what I was told. It was kill or be killed.- Kyle Halbauer

The three men went to the Santos neighbourhood the night of September 10 and staked out the house and planned an entry and exit route.

Just after dawn on September 12, they parked their car two blocks away from the Santos house and approached on foot.

"The accomplice went to the front door of the Santos home and rang the doorbell while the accused (Halbauer) remained on a driveway of a residence across the street," Miazga said. 

"When Lorry Santos responded to the ringing of the doorbell by looking through a set of venetian blinds in a window adjacent to the front door multiple shots were fired through that window and into the residence."

Shot in the heart

Eight shots were fired. One round went through both her lungs and struck her heart.

Halbauer said he shot at the Santos's house, but did not fire the fatal bullet. The charge remains first-degree murder because he was involved in the planning and execution of the woman's death.

Court also heard an emotional victim impact statement from Santos's sister.

Halbauer read a statement to the Santos family in court. He apologized for "all the hurt I've caused in your life" and described himself as "an idiot" for becoming involved in the drug and gang lifestyle.

Court also heard how Halbauer decided to enter the guilty plea -- which carries an automatic life sentence -- after seeing a video of the Santos family.

This is his first conviction. He'll not be eligible to apply for parole until 2037.


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