Truck frozen 'like an ice cube' at Regina Beach

Drivers are being warned to be careful about driving on Saskatchewan lakes.

Truck still in water after breaking through Saturday night

This truck is frozen solidly in the lake just off the shore of Regina Beach. (TRK Towing)

Drivers are being warned to be careful driving on Saskatchewan lakes.

On Saturday night, a truck broke through the ice at Regina Beach, sinking into water nearly up to its door handles.

Now, two days later, the truck has frozen solidly into the ice.

"It's a big ice cube," said TRK Towing owner Tyler Temple. "The interior's full of water, and it's just frozen like an ice cube."

The driver was heading to an ice fishing tournament on the lake when he broke through near the main beach.

Temple said the area, located near a point on the beach, can be treacherous. He said the area still had open water on it just a few days ago.

"Anybody and everybody out here knows that you don't drive across a point. You go around it," he said. "The water's not deep, and there's a solid current that runs underneath there."

Temple is spending the day trying to figure out how to get the truck out of the ice.

"It all depends on how safe the ice is," he said. "Once we go out and drill some test holes to see how thick the ice around the vehicle is, then we'll be able to determine what process we're going to use."

Temple hopes to pull the truck out Tuesday morning.