Flooding causes raw sewage discharge into Humboldt Lake

The Saskatoon Health Region is warning people to avoid swimming in Humboldt Lake.

Public told to avoid swimming, waterskiing in lake

Humboldt got about 129 millimetres of rain Tuesday. (CBC)

The Saskatoon Health Region is warning people to avoid swimming in Humboldt Lake. 

Heavy rains meant the local water treatment plant had to discharge untreated sewage into drains that empty into the lake, also known as Stoney Lake.

The health region says harmful bacteria could be present.

"We are warning the public not to use the water for recreational purposes where they come into contact with the water and to not consume the water at this lake," said Saskatoon Health Region Deputy Medical Health Officer Dr. Michael Schwandt in a news release. 

The health region said swallowing contaminated water could make people sick, including symptoms like diarrhea and a sore stomach.

Officials at the health region are taking water samples at the lake.

The advisory will remain in effect until tests come back showing the water to be safe.

Signs are being posted at beaches on the lake, cautioning the public to avoid the area.

Anyone showing signs of illness are asked to contact the Saskatoon Health Region.

Humboldt Lake is located four kilometres south of Humboldt.


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