Slate of federal election candidates in Sask. largest since 1993

There haven't been this many federal candidates running in Saskatchewan since the 1993 election.

81 candidates registered in Saskatchewan before the Sept. 30 deadline

Saskatchewan voters will have more candidates than usual to choose from when they cast their ballots in the Oct. 21 federal election. (The Canadian Press)

Saskatchewan voters will have no shortage of options when casting their ballot in the upcoming federal election.

There are 81 candidates running in the province, the most since the 1993 federal vote, when 93 ran.

In the 2015 election, 62 candidates ran in Saskatchewan ridings.

Monday was the deadline for candidates to register.

The Oct. 21 election will also mark the first time in Saskatchewan's history that five federal parties will run a full slate of candidates.

The Conservatives, Liberals, NDP and Green Party have had candidates in all 14 ridings for several elections.

But the new People's Party of Canada also managed to register a full slate in Saskatchewan.

In all, 11 parties have candidates in Saskatchewan — tying the record set in the 1940 election.

Six parties are running one candidate each in the province — the Christian Heritage Party of Canada, the Libertarian Party of Canada, the National Citizens Alliance of Canada, the Canadian Nationalist Party, the Rhinoceros Party and the Veterans Coalition Party of Canada.

There are also five candidates running as independents.

That's the most in Saskatchewan since the 2004 federal election, when there were five independents and two others with no affiliation.

Large slate in Regina-Qu'Appelle

The largest slate of candidates is in Regina-Qu'Appelle, which has eight.

That is the most in any one riding in the province since the 1993 election, when there were nine in Regina-Wascana and what was then Saskatoon-Dundurn.

Another riding, Regina-Lewvan, has seven candidates in the running.

There hasn't been seven in a Saskatchewan constituency since the 2008 election when seven candidates ran in what was then Saskatoon-Rosetown-Biggar.

The list of federal election candidates in Saskatchewan:

Rosemarie Falk (Conservatives)
Larry Ingram (Liberals)
David Kim-Cragg (Green Party)
Jason MacInnis (People's Party)
Marcella Pedersen (NDP)

William Caton (Liberals)
Bill Clary (Green Party)
Lee Harding (People's Party)
Maria Lewans (Independent)
Jeremy Patzer (Conservatives)
Trevor Peterson (NDP)

Tammy Cook-Searson (Liberals)
Georgina Jolibois (NDP)
Sarah Kraynick (Green Party)
Jerome Perrault (People's Party)
Gary Vidal (Conservatives)

Kelly Block (Conservatives)
Jasmine Calix (NDP)
Dean Gibson (Green Party)
Rebecca Malo (Liberals)
Cody Payant (People's Party)
Glenn Wright (Independent)

Chey Craik (People's Party)
Tom Lukiwski (Conservatives)
Cecilia Melanson (Liberals)
Talon Regent (NDP)
Gillian Walker (Green Party)

Kelly Day (People's Party)
Estelle Hjertaas (Liberals)
Randy Hoback (Conservatives)
Harmony Johnson-Harder (NDP)
Brian Littlepine (Veterans Coalition Party)
Kerri Wall (Green Party)

Ian Bridges (National Citizens Alliance)
Winter Fedyk (Liberals)
Naomi Hunter (Green Party)
Don Morgan (Independent)
Jigar Patel (NDP)
Warren Steinley (Conservatives)
Trevor Wowk (People's Party)

Ray Aldinger (NDP)
Jordan Ames-Sinclair (Liberals)
Dale Dewar (Green Party)
Éric Normand (Rhinoceros Party)
James Plummer (Libertarian)
Andrew Scheer (Conservatives)
Tracey Sparrowhawk (People's Party)
Kieran Szuchewycz (Independent)

Hailey Clark (NDP)
Tamela Friesen (Green Party)
Evangeline Godron (Independent)
Ralph Goodale (Liberals)
Michael Kram (Conservatives)
Mario Milanovski (People's Party)

Mark Friesen (People's Party)
Tracy Muggli (Liberals)
Erika Ritchie (NDP)
Neil Sinclair (Green Party)
Kevin Waugh (Conservatives)

Claire Card (NDP)
Susan Hayton (Liberals)
Jan Norris (Green Party)
Guto Penteado (People's Party)
Corey Tochor (Conservatives)
Jeff Willerton (Christian Heritage Party)

Sheri Benson (NDP)
Isaac Hayes (People's Party)
Brad Redekopp (Conservatives)
Shah Rukh (Liberals)
Shawn Setyo (Green Party)

Javin Ames-Sinclair (Liberals)
Ashlee Hicks (NDP)
Robert Kitchen (Conservatives)
Judy Mergel (Green Party)
Travis Patron (Nationalist)
Phillip Zajac (People's Party)

Carter Antoine (NDP)
Connor Moen (Liberals)
Ryan Schultz (People's Party)
Cathay Wagantall (Conservatives)
Stacey Wiebe (Green Party)