'He was living his dreams': Family remembers rider killed in motorcycle crash

The last time Al Robertson's saw his son, they were riding motorbikes together. Like his father, and his father's father before that Jared Robertson was enthralled by riding, the open road.

Member of the Disciples Christian from Saskatoon died in collision over the weekend

Jared Robertson was killed in Lloydminster during a motorcycle run with his club.

The last time Al Robertson saw his son they were riding motorcycles together. Like his father and his father's father before that, Jared Robertson was enthralled with riding the open road.

"He was living his dreams," Robertson told CBC News. "He was on the bike of his dreams, he had the wife of his dreams and he had the job of his dreams."

Valorie Robertson's son Jared was killed in a motorcycle crash in Lloydminster on Aug. 7.

The Saskatoon man was killed in a collision in Lloydminster on Monday while returning from Alberta, where he had been on a run with his motorcycle club, the Disciples Christian.

"It's the phone call you just never want to get. It's a parent's nightmare to get this phone call where they say he's actually gone," said Valorie Robertson, Jared's mother. 

She says her son was never someone who shied away from adventure. When he found the Disciples Christian motorcycle club a little over a year ago, that sense of adventure became riding his bike. 

"That's what we felt we really instilled in him. You don't just sit at home and do nothing. You just got to go out there and live your life. You do it as safely as you can, but you got to go out there and live life. And that's what he did," she said. 

New member of the club

It was raining outside on the day of the crash. At his insistence, Jared's wife had gotten off the back of the bike and boarded a truck that was following the riders. Moments later, Jared entered an interchange in Lloydminster and was struck and killed by a pickup truck that was turning left.

Jared Robertson was a relative newcomer to the club. The trip marked the first anniversary of his membership.

"We could hear the bang of the accident," said Brent "Disciple Dog" Basky, a club member who was on the trip. "And then we came around the corner and unfortunately the next thing we heard was his wife screaming."

Jared was a relative newcomer to the club. The trip marked the first anniversary of his membership and his new designation as a "stryker."  

Basky says the club is based on Christian values and brotherhood, and that Robertson fit in right away. He was like a little brother, Basky said, albeit one who was never shy to poke and prod other members. 

His mother agrees.

"He wanted to be different. He didn't' ever want to fit a mould and I was cool with that," she said.

Rider safety highlighted 

RCMP say the collision is still under investigation, and no charges have been laid.

Jared's father said while his son did know the risks, he hopes the crash is a lesson to everyone to share the road.

"I guess a message on behalf of him for people: When you are on the highway, everyone has a right to be on the road," he said.  "It's just an opportunity for people, no matter how much of hurry you are in, just be respectful of who you share the road with." 

Basky says the loss of his young friend was a reminder for everyone in the club about the dangers of the road.

"There is a big realization that this is a fear that all our wives have when we go out," he said.

Now, the club's attention will focus on Jared's wife. They plan on starting a online fundraising page to help her as she struggles with her husband's death. 

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Charles Hamilton is a reporter with CBC Saskatoon.