Saskatoon woman living in Germany says COVID-19 restrictions going well at childrens' school

Naledi Sylwestrowicz says her Grade 5 classes in the town of Troisdorf, Germany are going pretty well.

Germany has mandatory mask orders in school hallways, parents not allowed onto school property

Magda Sylwestrowicz poses with her children Amali and Naledi. Magda is originally from Saskatoon, but the family now lives in Germany. (Submitted by Magda Sylwestrowicz)

Naledi Sylwestrowicz says her Grade 5 classes in the town of Troisdorf, Germany are going pretty well.

Naledi's mother, Magda, is originally from Saskatoon and has been comparing Germany's reponse to COVID-19 with Saskatchewan's.

Naledi's elementary school classes have been in session for a couple of weeks. Despite a bunch of new rules, she's getting used to the idea of masks in schools.

"It's like getting into a pool where, you know, the water's cold," said Magda. 

"It's pretty scary when you think about it. But once you're in, it's not so bad."

At the beginning of the year, Naledi's school said that all students past Grade 4 had to wear masks at their desks in class. 

That rule has already changed. Now students only need to wear the masks in hallways or when they're moving around the room.

Other rules include parents not being allowed to enter school property and children changing into gym uniforms in shifts.

Another rule that has changed involves one-way hallways. While students were initially told to follow a one-way track around the school, two-way traffic has now been reintroduced.

Magda said she tries to remind her children as much as possible to obey the new guidelines.

"It's quite important that they get a fairly consistent message from home that it is important to follow the rules."

"The rule that seems to kind of register with them is that we want to protect other people and we want everybody to feel safe"

Amali and Naledi Sylwestrowicz show off their back-to-school clothes during COVID-19. (Magda Sylwestrowicz)

Naledi said it's a little hard to keep track of the rules.

"Every few weeks, the rules keep changing," she said.

However, Magda said she's grateful that everyone in her new home is taking COVID-19 seriously.

"I remember when the whole thing started and I saw people in masks I thought, 'You've got to be kidding me,'" she said.

"Now, really, everybody wears masks. And actually, if you don't wear a mask, people kind of give you dirty looks. So it's really become normal."

With files from Saskatoon Morning


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