Fair trade advocate hopes to spread message to Saskatchewan

Sean McHugh wants more Saskatchewan institutions to use fair trade products.

Canadian Fair Trade Network ready to meet with City Hall, University of Saskatchewan this week

Fair trade coffee is becoming more and more popular in Canada.

Sean McHugh is on a mission.

For the past six years, he's travelled back and forth across the country, trying to spread the message of fair trade products.

"Fair trade has been around Canada for about 20 years," McHugh, executive director of the Canadian Fair Trade Network told CBC Radio's Saskatoon Morning. "It started with a couple of initial roasters, now there are a couple of hundred roasters across the country."

The fair trade movement tries to pay growers and artisans in the developing world a decent price for their goods, like coffee, chocolate, sugar and clothing. 

Right now, McHugh is working on granting towns, schools and campuses as fair trade designated, honouring places and groups that make a conscious effort to buy fair trade products.

He plans to have meetings at Saskatoon City Hall and the University of Saskatchewan to talk about their buying habits, and how they can incorportate more fair trade items into their purchasing.

"People are really thinking about what they're buying, whether that's locally or internationally," he said. "And they're willing to put their money behind it to make those changes."

The City of Saskatoon is working towards a fair trade designation right now, as is the University of Regina.