Facebook video shows altercation between senior and security at Saskatoon bank

The video was posted on Friday by Facebook user Ally Jade. Once it was posted, CIBC began an investigation and says that the man in the video was behaving "aggressively."

In the video, an elderly man appears to fall down, hitting his head

This video taken Nov. 29, 2019, shows an incident that took place at the CIBC location on Second Avenue in downtown Saskatoon. 0:15

An incident at the CIBC branch on the corner of 21st Street and Second Ave in Saskatoon on Friday ended with an elderly man on the ground near the branch entrance.

In a video posted by Facebook user Ally Jade, a security guard appears to be asking the man to leave. The security guard and the older man are in a vestibule between the interior and exterior doors.

A person using a motorized scooter also seems to be caught in the situation.

After some jostling, the security guard grabs the back of the older man's coat and eventually the man falls to the ground, knocking off his hat, which the security guard then picks up.

The woman who posted the video captioned it with "CIBC Downtown SaskatoonÂ đŸ˜©đŸ˜©đŸ˜©Â he was leaving the building so throwing him down like that was completely unnecessary."

A woman who says she is the relative of the man in the video told CBC News that he is 72 and that he is homeless.

Safety highest priority, says CIBC

CIBC says it conducted an initial investigation after the video was brought to the its attention.

Trish Tervit, the bank's director of public affairs, said in a statement that the investigation found a security officer intervened after, "an individual was behaving aggressively and in a threatening manner."

"No form of violence in the workplace is acceptable to CIBC," said the statement.

"Law enforcement has been engaged since the time of the incident to further investigate."

Tervit noted the guard is not a CIBC employee, but rather an employee of Securitas, the company contracted to provide security to the branch. Securitas had not responded to a request for comment as of Monday afternoon.

Lighthouse to provide support

Lighthouse Supported Living Inc. helps vulnerable people in Saskatoon by providing housing, food, and other social supports.

"We're always concerned when an issue about safety crops up in the downtown core. We've been working very hard with police and the city and the Business Improvement District Community Safety officers to provide a safe experience downtown," said Anna Pacik, the Lighthouse communications manager.

The independent living tower at The Lighthouse was built in 2014. (Albert Couillard/CBC News)

Pacik said the Lighthouse reached out to the man who ended up on the ground in the video.

"The gentleman is doing fine today. So far so good," she said.

She suggested that members of the public should not turn a blind eye when witnessing a situation where they feel someone is being treated unfairly.

"Our friends downtown are humans and they're just trying to live their lives the best way that they can," she said.

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