Extreme heat poses threat to Saskatoon's homeless population

Saskatoon Housing Initiatives Partnership is helping co-ordinate a response plan for people who find themselves without shelter during extreme heat.

People can find refuge at several locations across the city

Extreme heat poses a threat to Saskatoon's homeless population. People are encouraged to seek shelter at cooldown locations that provide shade and water. (CBC)

A heat warning has been issued for Saskatoon in light of Tuesday's temperature getting above 30 C. 

As homeless people in the city find themselves at risk from the extreme heat, the Saskatoon Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP) is working in partnership with several locations in the city to provide people seeking relief with shelter and water.

Some of the locations include Westside Community Clinic, Cumfi, Paved Arts, EGADZ, the Friendship Inn, Prairie Harm Reduction, the Salvation Army and the Lighthouse Supported Living. 

SHIP manages Saskatoon's Heat Response, which is designed to "work with existing services to ensure situational awareness and promote co-ordinated effort, so everyone has access to cooling areas during Saskatoon's extreme hot temperatures from May 1 to Sept. 1."

It works in conjunction with Saskatoon's Cold Weather Strategy, which has a similar goal of providing shelter to people during extremely cold temperatures. 

Andréa Ledding, communications manager with SHIP, said she is proud of the initiative, but wants to see the list of partners grow. 

"It's such a simple thing to offer some shade, or offer some water," she said. 

Ledding said it's very disheartening to see so many people being left to deal with the conditions. 

"It reaches out at my heart, whether they're young people or old people, they're lying down in the shade or trying to get some rest, trying to get some hydration and they literally have no place to go."

With files from CBC's Saskatoon Morning