People in Saskatoon braving the outdoors despite extreme cold

Seriously frigid temperatures have set in across Saskatchewan and relief could be a ways off.

Wind chills will make it feel like –40 across Saskatchewan

Overnight lows this week are are expected in the –30 C range and daytime highs are expected to be in the –20 C range. (Jonathan Hayward/Canadian Press)

Extremely frigid temperatures have set in across Saskatchewan and relief could be a ways off. 

Environment Canada issued a cold weather warning for much of the province and the forecast showed that Arctic air could be here for a few days. 

But for some people in Saskatoon, frigid temperatures weren't going to stop them from enjoying the great outdoors during the holidays. 

"Over Christmas you stay at home for so many hours and then you go outside, it's like a refreshment pretty much," said Matt Ozga, who spent some of Tuesday afternoon tobogganing with his kids. 

Ozga said the outdoors are a big part of his family's life—he estimates they've been out sledding more than two dozen times so far this year. His kids, he said, don't play video games and getting them outside is great way to keep them active and happy.

Matt Ozga and his kids braved the freezing cold to go sledding at Diefenbaker Park on Boxing Day. (Charles Hamilton/CBC)

"Even you take them for a half hour sledding or even for a walk, the whole day is going to look different," he said. 

He says being warm is not only about being dressed properly and staying active—it's a state of mind. 

"I think when you get over that barrier in your brain, it's only -30 and you say I'm going to keep going you're going to be warm," he said. 

Jordan Lowen and his friends agree. They too braved the sub-zero temperatures to carry out a tradition of sorts by going tobogganing. 

While they might not last as long this year as in year's past, he said he wasn't even aware of the warnings this year. 

"I think growing up I used to spend time outside like this and it's no problem. As long as you're dressed warm," he said. 

Environment Canada issues warnings 

The agency is asking people to watch for symptoms related to the cold, including shortness of breath, chest pain, muscle pain and weakness, numbness and a change in the colour of the fingers and toes.

Overnight lows this week are are expected to be in the –30 C range and daytime highs are expected to be in the –20 C range. 

Environment Canada issues multiple extreme cold warnings as frigid weather envelopes many parts of the country.

With the wind chill, the low temperatures are expected to feel like anywhere from –35 to –40. 

Those extreme wind chills are expected continue Tuesday night and into Wednesday and Environment Canada says those frigid colds are expected to last into the new year. 

The weather agency says the cold warnings mean there is an "elevated risk to health such as frost bite and hypothermia."

They advise people to dress warmly and keep emergency supplies like blankets and jumper cables in their vehicles. 

Cold sets in across the country 

Saskatchewan is not the only part of Canada suffering the cold. Environment Canada has issued a slew of extreme cold warnings across the country on Tuesday.

In British Columbia, the agency warned the Yoho Park and Kootenay Park region that it could feel as low as – 40 with the wind chill due to an arctic ridge of high pressure that it predicts will remain over the region for several days.

Much of Alberta and Manitoba were also subject to the warnings, and Environment Canada says the frigid temperatures are expected to continue through the end of the week.

Environment Canada issued the warning for parts of northern Ontario too, along with a snow squall warning for Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.

With files from The Canadian Press