Emotions boil over, halting Douglas Hales' murder trial

As a taped confession played, extra security officers were called to a Saskatoon courtroom Wednesday afternoon after a spectator threw her shoe at Douglas Hales.

"Profoundly disturbing" evidence prompts Daleen Bosse's aunt to lash out at accused

Security guards escort Douglas Hales from Saskatoon Court of Queen's Bench. Hales is charged with first-degree murder in the 2004 death of Daleen Kay Bosse. (CBC)

WARNING: Graphic Content

An emotional outburst yesterday briefly halted the first degree murder trial of the man accused of killing Daleen Bosse.

On Wednesday afternoon, court heard an audio recording from July 23, 2008, between Douglas Hales and an undercover RCMP officer. The recording was made the same day Mounties staged an attack on a person Hales thought was one of his crime associates' ex-girlfriends. 

In a conversation after the staged assault, Hales is heard telling the undercover officer "I killed, killed a hooker," referencing a newspaper article about the missing Saskatoon mother.

The undercover officer responded by telling Hales "you don't got to impress me alright?

"I couldn't let her just go away with a beating," Hales continued. "I got a lot of f--king rage out on that and ah yeah I don't feel sorry, she f--king deserved every bit of it."

Emotions boil over

During a break in the audio tape, the undercover officer turned to the judge, complaining he was having a hard time following the transcript, as Hales was making 'threatening' gestures at him.
25-year old Daleen Bosse was a student teacher and mother of one when she vanished from a Saskatoon nightclub. Her remains were located four years later, north of Saskatoon. (CBC)

With a warning from the judge, the tape resumed. Court heard Hales describing how he "couldn't have any trace evidence in the car so I made sure when I f--king beat her it was outside the car."

That prompted Bosse's mother, Pauline Muskego, to run from the courtroom sobbing.

Emotions came to a head a few seconds later, as Hales was heard saying "I put a pillow over her face as I f--king boot stomped her in the face, just so I wouldn't get any splatter anywhere."

Shoe thrown at Hales

One of Bosse's female relatives then lunged from her seat in the courtroom, throwing her shoe at the box where Hales was sitting. 

"You killed my niece! I f--king hate you," she yelled, as a security guard rushed her out of the room.

The proceedings were halted for ten minutes as extra security officers arrived. Court then resumed, with Justice Gerald Allbright warning spectators it was best if they left the room should they feel unable to contain their emotions.

"I have no desire to exclude anyone from my courtroom at any time, but if I'm put in that position I will," noted Allbright.

Hales target of RCMP sting

Much of the testimony this week has come from undercover RCMP agents, and the various scenarios they used to gain Hales' trust.

Over a three-month period, Hales earned just over $6,300 running errands for men he thought had recruited him into a criminal organization.

Anticipating being chosen to work on a 'big job' for the fictitious mobsters, undercover officers testified Hales confessed to Bosse's murder, and showed them where he burned her remains.

Hales was one of the last people seen with Bosse a decade ago. He worked at the nightclub where she was last seen on the night she disappeared.