Dustin Boulet Memorial Slo-Pitch Tournament raises $10K for KidSport

A slo-pitch tournament held to keep the memory of a Saskatoon man alive has hit a home run for a charity.

Tournament raises $10,000 for KidSport

Chad Boulet presents KidSport with a $10,000 cheque. (Peter Mills/CBC)

A slo-pitch tournament held to keep the memory of a Saskatoon man alive hit a home run for a charity. 

The Dustin Boulet Memorial Slo-Pitch Tournament raised $10,000 for KidSport. 

“It kind of takes your words away actually more than anything," Dustin's brother, Chad said. "Especially after this going through with Dustin.”

Dustin Boulet was fatally stabbed March1st, 2014. (Chad Boulet)
 Dustin, 29, was out celebrating his birthday with some friends at a local bar on March 1. He was stabbed to death when he came between his friend and a man brandishing a knife. 

One man has been charged with murder, another with manslaughter.

Chad said the tournament, which was held June 14-15, combined Dustin's passions — baseball and kids. 

The success of the tournament has been good for the healing process, Chad said. 

“It gives some positive meaning, I guess, to his life being taken short," he said. "It’s a starting point I guess for some people for healing maybe.”

The donation to KidSport took place this morning at W.A. Reid Park. 

Chad said his brother's reaction to the donation would have been, "'Wow. Wow.' That’s probably all he’d say.”

“He was a good guy," Chad said. "He was followed by a lot of good people. That’s why it’s not surprising the turnout or the donation. He’s followed by a lot of good people. His service was a reflection of that. The fundraisers, all of it, he’s a good guy.”

Chad Boulet helped organize a slo-pitch tournament in memory of his brother, Dustin.