Drugs, gangs, internet safety discussed at public meeting

Saskatoon police held an information session Monday night in an effort to make people more aware of the issues in their neighbourhoods.

Police ask residents to help keep communities safe

Police ask residents to be watchful and call them if they see something suspicious. (CBC)

Saskatoon police held an information session Monday night at the police station for residents of the northwest area of the city. Topics included drugs, gangs, graffiti and Internet safety.

Police Inspector Dale Solie said it's part of an effort to make residents aware of problems in their neighbourhoods and to keep communities safe.

"Be the eyes of the community," Solie said. "Be watchful, give us a phone call, be a good witness, takes note of what you see if there's a vehicle involved if there's something suspicious."

Police officers talked about different types of drugs, drug pharaphernalia, and what some drugs smell like. They also talked about the names of gangs in the city, and the colours and clothing gang member wear. As well, police provided safety tips for using social networking sites.

Police said one of the most common problems is people not securing their own property.

"I know it's almost a broken record but we talk about removing valuables from vehicles, taking your keys out of your vehicle," Solie said. "It's just a reoccurring trend and it just keeps happening."

Becky Arthurs, vice-president of the Holiday Park Community Association, said the topics needed to be discussed.

"I think all of these issues always hit everyone's community and I think it's good for our community to have awareness," Arthurs said. "I think that a lot of people don't consider how popular drugs are today and how young drug usage starts."

This was the third and final community information session. Two other sessions were held earlier this month for the central and east divisions.