MLA-elect David Buckingham beats NDP leader Cam Broten in Sask. election

A newcomer to the world of provincial politics has beaten Cam Broten, leader of the Saskatchewan NDP.

Former Borden mayor beats Cam Broten by 232 votes

Sask. Party MLA David Buckingham in his constituency office. (Devin Heroux/CBC News)

A few days ago, many people in Saskatoon would have been hard pressed to tell you who David Buckingham was.

But Monday night, the MLA-elect turned Saskatchewan's political universe on its head. Buckingham beat New Democratic Party leader Cam Broten in the constituency of Saskatoon Westview, winning by only 232 votes.

"We knew it would take a lot of hard work, and we built a really good team to accomplish our goals," he said.  "It was a nail biter."

Buckingham is no stranger to the world of politics. He served as mayor of the Village of Borden, located approximately 50 kilometres northwest of Saskatoon, for two terms. Buckingham resigned from the position last year to run as an candidate for the Sask.Party.

Ever since then, he's been knocking on doors in the constituency, located on the west side of the city. 

Cam Broten speaks to NDP supporters on election night. (CBC)
"That started a year ago, that we were on the doorstep, finding out from people what was important to them," he said. "And, of course, it always comes back to keeping Saskatchewan strong." 

Buckingham got interested in provincial politics while fighting flooding that threatened the Borden area in 2013. After battling the rising water, Buckingham was bit by the provincial politics bug.

Fundamentally, Buckingham said wants to support the Saskatchewan Party's message of economic prosperity.

"It all comes back to keeping Saskatchewan strong. That's Brad Wall's message," he said. "We just need to stay on point in Saskatchewan. And, you think about how fantastic our province has been doing for the past eight years, it all goes back to exemplary leadership."

Borden bound

Right now, Buckingham works as a commercial semi-trailer driver, hauling cars and trucks back and forth across the Prairies.

Buckingham and his wife still live in Borden. So, will the MLA-elect move to Saskatoon now?

"We've been so focused and being on the doorstep that we really haven't gave that the amount of thought that it needs," he said.

"My number one goal is to serve the residents of Saskatoon Westview. Whether you live in the riding or on the other side of the city or somewhere else, it always comes back thing, which is representation. I think that's so important.


  • A previous version of this story said that Buckingham's three children live with him in Borden. In fact, all three of his children have grown up and moved away.
    Apr 07, 2016 11:49 AM CT


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