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Dan Zakreski is a reporter for CBC Saskatoon.

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Veteran officer says Saskatoon cops need better equipment for pursuits of souped-up trucks

A veteran Saskatoon cop testified how officers simply did not have the right equipment in the chase that led to Austin Eaglechief's death.

Saskatoon police's high-risk takedown policy questioned at Austin Eaglechief inquest

A coroner's jury in Saskatoon is hearing dramatic testimony today from officers involved in a botched high-risk takedown minutes before Austin Eaglechief died fleeing police.

Court hears interview with man at centre of Saskatoon construction site death

A Saskatoon court heard a recorded interview with Gerard McLaren, who operated the equipment that toppled onto — and killed — Eric Ndayishimiye. McLaren is in Ireland and not co-operating with authorities.

Lack of heavy equipment training outlined at Saskatoon construction death trial

The judge in a Saskatoon construction death trial is hearing how workers were left to figure out how to assemble and use a 1,200-pound piece of heavy equipment on the Jim Pattison Children's Hospital site.

Heightened awareness at Saskatoon care homes in wake of sexual assault allegation

Allegations of sexual assault at a Saskatoon care home are still rippling through the city's tight-knit care community.

St. Paul's Hospital details discharge policy in wake of Richard Fernuk homicide

St. Paul's Hospital says it offers taxi vouchers to discharged patients who need help with transportation.

Surveillance video shows Richard Fernuk and accused killer together near St. Paul's Hospital: Sources

CBC News has learned that surveillance footage from a camera near St. Paul's Hospital shows Richard Fernuk with the man now accused of killing him.

Family of homicide victim Richard Fernuk questions hospital decision to release him

Richard Fernuk's family wants to know how a 68-year-old man with a heart condition, mental illness and no car got discharged from St. Paul's Hospital in the middle of the night into one of Saskatoon's most dangerous neighbourhoods.

Trial for accused in Tiki Laverdiere killing could pose logistical nightmare for courts

The number of people now accused of killing Tiki Laverdiere could create a logistical nightmare for the courts.

Saskatoon police investigating death of 68-year-old man as suspicious

Police say an autopsy is set to take place on Aug. 6 to determine how the man died.

Saskatoon mayor says Lighthouse not to blame for what happens on its street

Saskatoon Mayor Charlie Clark says a co-ordinated effort is needed to help address safety concerns on the street in front of the Lighthouse building on 20th Street.

Man accused of sexually assaulting 2 seniors may have attacked others: Saskatoon police

Saskatoon police are concerned that a man accused of sexually assaulting two women, 78 and 86, may have assaulted other women in other care homes.

Defence fuming over Crown's surprise move in case against 3 accused of selling fentanyl-laced cocaine

Prosecutors are shutting down a high-profile drug trial at provincial court in Saskatoon so the accused can all appear together at Court of Queen's Bench. The defence is not amused.

Saskatoon police lay 476 charges against 14 people after raid at suspected Hustle Crew gang house

Police documents allege that the Hustle Crew street gang used a house officers raided Tuesday to store guns and sell drugs.

Opportunistic bust sheds light on Saskatoon illicit drug scene

A Saskatoon police detective constable describes an opportunistic bust that shed light on the city's illicit drug scene.