Dan Zakreski

Dan Zakreski is a reporter for CBC Saskatoon.

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Court orders lawyer to assist man charged with defacing Saskatoon churches, pride mural

A man accused of defacing Saskatoon churches and a pride mural is now going to have a lawyer help him run his bail hearing.

Loon Lake man who posed as young woman on Facebook to lure kids sentenced to 5 years

Steven Joseph Lasas created a fictitious Facebook profile, pretending to be a young woman to lure and sexually exploit young boys.

Police and paramedics see spike in overdoses in Saskatoon over the past few months

Paramedics and police in Saskatoon are using naloxone, an aid to block the effects of an opioid overdose, many times more frequently in the last few months than they did last year.

Saskatoon cyclist jarred by racist graffitti sprayed on Sutherland street

A Saskatoon man cycling through the Sutherland neighbourhood says he was disgusted by racist graffitti spray-painted on the pavement in an intersection.

Saskatoon Police Association says officers had previously dealt with suspect in arrest video

The Saskatoon Police Association says the video of a man getting pepper sprayed, punched and Tasered by officers tells only part of the story.

Saskatoon man charged with 1st degree murder after woman's body found in Warman, Sask., house

A 42-year-old Saskatoon man is charged with 1st degree murder in the death of a woman found in a house in Warman, Sask.

Police not identifying Regina neighbourhood where cluster of fatal overdoses happened

Regina Police will not identify the neighbourhood where a cluster of overdoses took the lives of four people in a six-hour span on Thursday.

Saskatoon police chief says detention tape of cop taunting gay man doesn't tell whole story

Saskatoon's police chief says the facts presented in a joint sentencing submission in provincial court don't tell the whole story of what happened when an officer taunted a gay man in police custody.

Saskatoon officer threatened to out gay man to his family after he was uncooperative during arrest

A Saskatoon police officer trying to subdue a drunk and agitated young man in detention taunted him by threatening to reveal to his family that he is gay.

Surveillance logs from drug bust court case reveal how crystal meth saturates mainstream Saskatoon

Court documents show the behind-the-scenes policework on one of the largest drug busts in Saskatoon history.

Saskatoon teen pleads guilty to 2nd-degree murder in fatal shooting of Gilbert Kagabo

A 16-year-old Saskatoon boy pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in connection with the fatal shooting of Gilbert Kagabo in November 2019.

Law office security footage captures Saskatoon man's dying moments and then thieves looting body

A Saskatoon law office security camera shows a man dying of an apparent drug overdose. A lawyer says this should be a call to action.

Crown wants Dallin Singharath jailed for at least 15 years for murder of Tyler Applegate

A Saskatoon prosecutor is arguing that convicted killer Dallin Singharath should stay in prison for least 15 years.

Appeal court acquits Keith Napope of robbery tied to fatal 2014 Saskatoon apartment invasion

The Court of Appeal has acquitted Keith Napope of a robbery linked to a 2014 Saskatoon apartment invasion that left Johnathon Keenatch dead.

Saskatoon man pleads guilty to dangerous driving in case where girlfriend flew off Harley Davidson, died

A Saskatoon man who saw his acquittal on a dangerous driving causing death charge overturned has now pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of dangerous driving.