Driver charged after trailer with missing wheels dragged down Highway 11

Corman Park Police have charged a driver who was allegedly dragging a trailer missing most of its wheels down Highway 11.

Police found semi and trailer on Grasswood Road south of Saskatoon

Corman Park Police responded to a call about a semi-truck dragging a trailer missing most of its wheels down Highway 11. (Facebook)

It was a sight rarely seen on Saskatchewan highways — a trailer with no wheels being dragged down the highway by a semi.

Corman Park Police and Saskatchewan Highway Patrol responded to a call about the incident Sunday around 8:30 p.m. CST.

Officers found a semi and a trailer in a parking lot at the intersection of Highway 11 and Grasswood Road, just south of Saskatoon.

A trailer being dragged down Highway 11 was missing some of its wheels. (Facebook)

Corman Park Police Chief Warren Gherasim said it is his understanding the driver had started out from Regina.

According to police, the driver had begun the trip with just four out of eight wheels on the trailer and then lost another set of wheels about 10 km south of Grasswood Road  on Highway 11. 

"The indication that we got from the officers at the scene was that part of that rear axle was still on the trailer until the trailer got to about Tamke Road, which is the southern border of Corman Park," Gherasim said.

"Two wheels and the axle were found in the ditch at that location so what he did have left on the truck at that point fell off ...  subsequently the vehicle would have been dragged from Tamke Road up to Grasswood Road before it came to a stop."

Gherasim said there appeared to be surface scratches and scrapes on the road, but no major damage to the highway.

David Horth, director of communications with the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure, said crews were out Tuesday morning to assess the damage.

Horth said this is a first for him.

"This is pretty weird. I don't think I've ever heard of a vehicle being on the road being dragged before," he said. "It's kind of self-evident that vehicles should have wheels when they are on roads," he said.

Gherasim also said this is one of the more unusual calls his officers have responded to.

"More commonly we deal with with offences relating to overweight. But this is certainly one of the more heinous equipment violations that I can recall."

Gherasim said Saskatchewan Highways have charged the driver with operating with a major defect and displaying an unauthorized license plate.

The Corman Park officer at the scene charged the driver with unlawfully operating a vehicle without a valid Safety Inspection Service certificate.

The trailer was towed away. The semi was not in violation and was allowed to be driven away.