Cold case trial comes with allegations of drugs, murder and a missing man

James Carlson disappeared one month before he was to testify against Taylor Wolff at a drug hearing. Wolff is now charged with second-degree murder.

James Carlson last seen in Watrous on May 14, 2008

Taylor Wolff is charged with second-degree murder. (Facebook)

A Crown witness at a murder trial in Saskatoon says accused killer Taylor Wolff shot James Carlson and dumped his body down a well near Watrous.

Lindsay Reiber says that Wolff, her former lover, revealed this sequence while the pair smoked a joint outside a house in Saskatoon.

Carlson disappeared on May 14, 2008 and has not been seen since.

Wolff is charged with second-degree murder and his trial is happening at Court of Queen's Bench.

The Crown and defence presented an agreed statement of facts that provided context for the allegations. It also revealed that Lindsay Reiber worked as an agent for RCMP during the investigation.

The facts showed that Taylor Wolff was arrested Oct. 19, 2007 by Saskatoon Police and charged with drug trafficking. Further investigation revealed that the drugs were intended for James Carlson.

Carlson was issued a subpoena and was supposed to testify at Wolff's preliminary hearing on the drug charges in June, 2008. But he vanished a month earlier.

The facts also show that police recovered Carlson's car and truck after he disappeared. The truck was found in a field near Allan, the car in a stand of trees near Rosthern.

The trial is scheduled for two weeks.

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