Both coffee and 3D printing on new cafe's menu in Saskatoon

The creators of a Create Cafe hope their brew of coffee and 3D printing proves to be a winning formula.

Create Cafe also is home to North America's largest 3D printer, according to founders

Dustin Maki shows off a guitar 3D printed at Create Cafe. (Steve Pasqualotto/CBC)

At Saskatoon's Create Cafe you can find plenty of coffee on the chalkboard menu, but just as easy to spot are the rates for using a 3D printer for an hour.

"I've always seen the 'internet cafe' model as giving people access to technology that was king of new and up and coming," explained co-founder Dustin Maki on CBC Radio's Saskatoon Morning.

Customers at the cafe can sip on a latte while using 3D printers to bring their ideas to life. 

"Having a comfortable cafe definitely opens the doors to more people to experience what 3D printing is about," said Maki.
A set of chess pieces 3D printed at Create Cafe. (Submitted by Dustin Maki)

In addition to having smaller printers available for routine jobs, the cafe also features north America's largest 3D printer, according to Randy Janes, who also helped start the business.

"We can literally print you a full size boat, you can put a motor in it and take it in the water," said Janes.

The printer is on display in the cafe so anyone can watch it in action, even if they have more modest projects in mind.

In addition to attracting hobbyists, Maki and Janes are hoping to attract local businesses looking to save money. 

"One of the things that 3D printing does, especially for industry is it offers them an affordable way to do prototyping. If you're a company that's trying to get through these difficult times and you have to do some sort of R and D we're definitely a good fit," said Maki.

With files from CBC Radio's Saskatoon Morning