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Charles Hamilton is a reporter with CBC Saskatoon.

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'Don't shoot me': Complete chilling account of La Loche mass shooting now public

On Jan. 22, 2016, a teen began a shooting spree in the small northern Saskatchewan town of La Loche that left four people dead and seven wounded. The Supreme Court has decided it won't hear the shooter's appeal of his adult sentence, so CBC News can identify the shooter and report some chilling details for the first time.

City council to vote on Saskatoon Tribal Council's controversial Montgomery Place preschool plan

A controversial plan for a preschool in Saskatoon's Montgomery Place neighbourhood could get a final stamp of approval Monday night.

Saskatoon councillor wants to revisit compost decision

One Saskatoon city councillor wants to have another look at the city's proposed composting program before it becomes mandatory city-wide.

Saskatoon police investigating after video appears to show officer punching suspect

Saskatoon police are investigating after a video was posted online that appears to show one of their officers punching a suspect who was laying face down on the pavement.

'I had no intercourse with her or anybody else': Saskatoon motel owner denies sex assault allegations

WARNING: This story has language and content that may be disturbing to some readers

Saskatoon eyes banning glass bottles, jars from household blue bins

Glass bottles could soon be banned from Saskatoon's blue bin recycling program.

'It's not easy to live like this': Saskatoon woman living in partially demolished house

Gillian Snider has been camping in her own house. Seven months after a fire ravaged her Caswell Hill home, she only has one working power outlet, no lighting and no walls.

Saskatoon police questioning suspect in downtown homicide

Saskatoon police say they have a suspect in one of the city's two homicides that took place over the weekend.

'I don't know how to explain it to my kids': Pain still fresh for family after father of 5 killed

For Tyler Applegate's family, it's been a year of heartbreak. Even as his murder case winds its way through the court process, the pain of the 27-year-old's death a year ago is still fresh.

'The healing starts right now': Man from Alaska travels to see Humboldt Broncos memorial before it is removed

A ring of flowers laid in tribute to the Humboldt Broncos will be removed Friday as the ice surface at Elgar Petersen Arena is removed.

'He's very fortunate': Man who killed Adam St. Denis-Katz in fight won't serve more time behind bars

The judge, citing the wishes of the victim's sister, sentenced Blair French to time served and a three-year probation.

Rise in hard drugs, guns on streets led to more officers using force: Saskatoon police inspector

Saskatoon police say crystal meth and guns are becoming more frequent on the city's streets.
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Family of man shot by police calls for better oversight in Saskatchewan

Barbara Lord had nightmares for months. She would wake up screaming, reliving her son's death.
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Most people who died in police encounters in Sask. were Indigenous

Christina Bigsky believes things would have been different if her son hadn't been Indigenous.

'It's been almost two years': Family of man who died in police encounter still waiting for answers

Josh Megeney’s family still doesn’t know what happened inside that bedroom. But they do know the 28-year-old died from bullet wounds after an encounter with police.