'Hoping for a Christmas miracle': Saskatoon mom frantically searching for special baby blanket

Carmen Bochek can barely talk about her missing baby blanket without crying.

Carmen Bochek lost blanket on Monday, no luck locating memento so far

Carmen Bochek is asking the public for help in finding a special baby blanket. (Carmen Bochek/Facebook)

Carmen Bochek can barely talk about her missing baby blanket without crying.

On Monday, Bochek took her baby son out Christmas shopping in Saskatoon. Somewhere along the way, she lost her son's blanket, which was handmade by her husband's grandmother who has since died.

"I'm really upset by the whole thing," said Bochek, her voice shaking. "I'm hoping for a Christmas miracle."

This wasn't any ordinary blanket. Bochek knew Anne Kiefer for years before marrying her grandson and said she often treated her like family.

For years, Bockek and her husband were told she was infertile.

Two weeks before she died, Kiefer made the couple a baby blanket.

"She told us once she passed, she would send a baby for it," said Bochek. "That December, we found out that we were pregnant."

Since the blanket's disappearance, she's been frantically retracing her steps between the Wal-Mart at Preston Crossing and the Toys R Us located in the city's downtown.

She's contacted customer service at both stores, with no luck. She even phoned second-hand stores in the city, and have made posts on Facebook buy and sell pages.

Bochek still doesn't have any leads. She's offering a $100 for the blanket's return.

"We don't care why they took it, or why they kept it," she said. "We just want the blanket back."

She believes the blanket may have fallen out in the Wal-Mart's parking lot as she was loading her son into her vehicle.

"I've just been a little sick to my stomach," she said. "It was the only thing we really had from her."